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Bluehost – Best Website Hosting Service 2022

Bluehost Website hosting offers a lot of free perks and services that other web hosting providers charge for, so you could continue getting the same services you get now for a lower monthly fee.

If you are a business owner that is looking for new ways to save money on your monthly bills, as business owners these days are trying to find creative ways to cut costs without cutting quality.

Bluehost is one way to cut costs, getting more and spending less money makes a lot of financial sense no matter what industry you’re in. Below are quite a few reasons why I always use them and Bluehost web hosting gives you more services for less money.


1. Reliability

Just like our other top web hosting out there; BlueHost has exceptional reliability. They have a world-class data center that provides top-of-the-industry uptime and multiple functional administrative tools. They have also implemented high-performance Intel Xeon CPUs Servers that will eliminate any blips in the system and stand by their technology with what they call the ultimate uptime guarantee. Bluehost also performs routine backup checks to ensure that your data is never lost in the fray. Not only is their High-Performance Xeon Servers reliable, but also extremely fast. None of our own webmasters or those we quizzed have encountered issues with reliability and given Bluehost’s long track record in this area, it is understandable why they have gained so much traction in the marketplace.

2. 24 Hours a Day Customer Service

Many low-cost or free Web hosting companies only offer very limited customer service if they offer any at all. Other web hosting companies make you pay each time you want to ask a question or need customer service to help you solve a problem with your Website.

Bluehost gives all customers free 24 hours a day, 7 days per week customer service which is included in the low monthly fee. Giving customers the chance to talk to a live customer service person any time of the day or night whenever they have a problem for free is just one way Bluehost stands out from the other Web hosting services.

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3. Web Site Building Tools

Bluehost’s built-in Smart AI guides your design so you can’t mess up your design. They also have quick-start templates that get you started fast. Real-time layout edits that keep things simple without code.

Bluehost will help you create the site you want by giving all customers access to Web site building tools. These tools are easy to use and understand and don’t require extensive programming knowledge to use.

4. Web Statistics

Bluehost has a comprehensive stats package that is available for all customers. Other Web hosts charge extra for access to statistics or don’t offer them at all. Having a statistics package is critically important to the success of your Web site.

Looking at the statistics for your site will be able to help you plan out an effective marketing strategy by showing you exactly how people are finding your Web site. You won’t waste money on ad campaigns that don’t work and you’ll know where to sink the limited amount of advertising money that you have.

Bluehost offers customers other free tools as well, but those are the ones that really make Bluehost stand out from the other Website hosting companies on the market.

5. No hidden charges

There are no hidden fees when signing up for your account with Bluehost.

Other reasons you should consider Bluehost web hosting are; Free SSL, Daily backups, Site migration is free, and 1 Click installation of popular CMS platforms WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Setting up WordPress with Bluehost is incredibly easy, Drag-and-Drop WordPress Builder, 300+ Design Templates, Free Domain for 1st Year, Unlimited Disk Storage (unmetered)

No matter what kind of website you’re looking to run, it is very likely you will be pleased with Bluehost.

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